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I goggled and found that i need to register the XSD schema in Oracle and then use Is Schema Valid to verify if the XML_Data is for registered schema.I wanted to know if there is a way to validate the XML data without registering the XSD schema since i my case every week, schema will be changing.

The thing is, querying RESOURCE_VIEW for the ACL that protects the resource shows that it is protected by creating a new ACL.

The XML structure example shown by Oracle also requires an name Space URI element.

By using the XDK, you can write a validating parser that performs this schema validation.

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" id="ctl00_m_m_i_ctl00_gr_ctl09_bestanswerbody" class="textarea-bestanswerhidden" name="bestanswerbody" answerbody Id="4972290" / As a general point about XML ( You have to note there are two levels of validation I think you may be thinking about well formed XML Over being well formed they may then be valid or invalid (NB if a XML is not well formed it is neither valid or invalid it is not well formed) I am not quite sure about how anyone would be able to work with an XML where the schema changed every week how would you get any information out of it?