Javascript span innerhtml not updating

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Javascript span innerhtml not updating

On multiple occasions when designing surveys in Qualtrics, I’ve run across situations where I need to both access embedded data from javascript and update the embedded data.Unfortunately, it is not immediately obvious how to do this, and it takes a few steps to accomplish this correctly.In this chapter we’ll pay attention to separate these two notions, to see how to work with them, when they are same, and when they are different. When writing HTML, we use a lot of standard attributes. What if we use a non-standard attribute for our purposes and later the standard introduces it and makes it do something? All attributes starting with “data-” are reserved for programmers’ use.First, you must give the element you wish to change an id.With that id in place you will be able to use the get Element By Id function, which works on all browsers.About two years ago I wrote about replacing text in the DOM, and how “it’s not that simple“. You have a DOM element, like: Apart from the cross-browser issues inner Text/text Content have, this solution also has a massive problem.

However, none of this would have been possible if the javascript could not access the Embedded Data in the first place.If we test each individual text node then we won’t get any matches for the above. Replacement is also a hassle, because you’d have to split the matched node(s) at the right place and wrap in one or more replacement elements. It’s not a simple operation anymore, and probably costs more than its worth in developer time. By manipulating an element's inner Html you'll be able to change your text and HTML as much as you like.Each HTML element has an inner HTML property that defines both the HTML code and the text that occurs between that element's opening and closing tag.

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