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Your generous donation goes directly to the Zoo’s mission of providing experiences that inspire people and motivate them to care for the natural world.

**If you are having trouble loading the web cameras, you may need to update your Java Software.

Cubs make a motor-like pulsing hum when they nurse or are especially comfortable.

(hear sounds below) Bear Center researchers see bluster when bears are nervous and crowded but reluctant to leave because of cubs, food, or being cornered.

It's also a show that totally engrosses New York-based artist Rashid Johnson. So, right now I've been into 'Black Jesus.'"The fact that Mc Gruder is able to get laughs out of tough issues is part of what appeals to Johnson. But there's a radicalization going on, taking this conservative agenda and radicalizing it, painting him in our likeness.

(Watch a "Black Jesus" clip here.)Johnson, an installation artist and painter whose work has been displayed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, the L. County Museum of Art and who this week is opening up his third solo show at David Kordanksy, says he has long been a fan of Mc Gruder's work, which explores questions of race, class and identity with an acerbic eye."As an undergrad at Columbia College in Chicago, I came across 'Boondocks,' and then I watched the 'Boondocks' television show," Johnson says. "The whole ability to look at the complexity of race and any sort of associated -ism and still find humor, that's a very interesting space," Johnson explains. He is unafraid."While the stoner hijinks are funny, the program, says Johnson, offers a "less common view of the black male character," and an interesting window into African American culture. That's really interesting to me."These considered depictions of black men are something that Johnson has explored in his own work, in, among other things, arrangements of photographs that include himself."Host," a wall piece by Johnson from 2014, includes burned red oak flooring, plants, Shea butter and a CB radio.

The researchers usually give these bears space, out of respect, but find them easy to chase away.

The cam is cleared every morning at approximately a.m. Ultimately, Johnson says that religion isn't something he considers his strong suit."My father is the king of the atheists," he chuckles, "so I did not grow up with Jesus."As a result, the biblical references in television's "Black Jesus" are often lost on him."And in this case, he's putting religion race into the discourse. This starts with the very depiction of a black Jesus Christ, which has been a motif in vernacular religious art for decades."Growing up in Chicago," says the artist, "there was a very particular type of home that would display the black Jesus figure. The artist says that the objects in his pieces are his "signifiers." (Martin Parsek / David Kordanksy Gallery)"I've always had an interest in complicating the way that we perceive the black character, whether it's the black academic or scholar or activist or black intellectual."Johnson's installations — wild wall-hangings studded with shelves — employ objects that he has used in the construction of his own identity.These include plants, bits of sculpture, blocks of Shea butter, albums and books.

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This coral-filled exhibit, replicating Indo-Pacific reefs, is active with life that guests can experience from many vantage points, including a new floor-to-ceiling pop-out viewing window that allows guests to virtually come face to face with the animals.