Aquarius women are intimidating Naughty black dating sites online

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Aquarius women are intimidating

He being the practical and rational one seems to have a BIG issue with this and although I understand his concerns and respect his choice, I am also very taken by him and I have found myself arguing in persuasion of age as merely a number.In my opinion, I posses quite a mature nature for my age, im not possessive, unreasonable, childish etc and not by any means a stereotypical student, i.e.If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page.The best match I have had compared to any other sign.She'll be impressed if you and bring stimulating ideas to the table.

Although, once fights occur it is long and he expects me to make up for it. very passionate lovers, goal driven and huge hearts.. I'm a 19 year old typical sassy Aquarius madam and the stubborn but simply irresistible Capricorn man in my eye is a fair few years older (9 years).

Aquarius is love is loyal, but reaks away when she feels claustrophobic.

She has a social ease, and makes acquaintances that last.

In fact, whenever she is opposed, she will grow stronger and more powerful.

She is friendly and helpful, but she takes her time to commit romantically.

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This woman loves to travel and will jump at every opportunity to do so.